Holiday Blues: Christmas and New Years Day Blues

Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues, or depressed, sad feelings around holiday time, are very commonplace.  Many people feel lonely, anxious, sad and depressed at this time of year. People often believe that everyone else is happy and that they are alone in their despondent state. This leads to even greater sadness and feelings of failure and despair.

It is important to realize that everyone has problems and unfulfilled dreams… even those who seem to have everything. You just don’t know about their inner thoughts, feelings and disappointments. You only know about your own. You may believe that at this time of year you are supposed to be joyous and you may feel disappointed in yourself because you are not feeling particularly happy and content. You may be missing loved ones you have lost and feel that everyone else has a significant other or a large happy family. You may be having financial pressures which contribute to your feelings of sadness and inadequacy.

Don’t despair. Its OK to feel these feelings. Try to get some sunlight. Call an old friend. Surround yourself with positive people. Try to go to a funny movie which will make you laugh. Volunteer to help others. This can help make you realize that you can contribute to the happiness of someone else. Someone who may be less fortunate than you. It can help take your mind off your own disappointments. The giver usually gains more than the receiver. Try to exercise or do yoga. Plan to stay busy. Go to fun events which will fill your time with enjoyable, interesting activities. Try to find activities which involve interacting with others so you won’t be alone.

Above all count your blessings. View the glass as half full instead of half empty. Realizing that many are less fortunate can help you appreciate what you have. A positive attitude can go a long way in helping you feel content and  at peace.

I hope these suggestions will be helpful in making your holiday season pleasurable.

Happy Holidays from Manhattan and Paramus, New Jersey.

Dr. Judy Gurfein 212-722-1920 or 201-368-3700.

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