Panic Attacks: How to Get Rid of Them

Panic Attacks NJ NYCYou can have more control over your panic attacks than you think . Try this.

If you get have a panic attack every time you enter a crowded place, you need to become aware that this is an irrational fear that has developed in you over time. Recognize that you have attributed a negative thought to something external to you which is causing you to have an irrational fear. You need to prove to yourself  that your fear is irrational and that you can conquer it.

Show the panic that you are not afraid of it. For example, if you are afraid of crowded places go to a mall and observe the people enjoying themselves, laughing and walking to and fro. Walk into the mall, perhaps for the first time with a trusted friend or family member, and observe the adults, children and teens enjoying themselves.  Perhaps go to the Apple store, which is probably the most crowded place, or an upbeat restaurant, where there are people excited to be  part of the learning or eating experience. Keep looking at the other people.

Observe how your anxiety and panic take over….. but know that you are not going to let it get the best of you. You are not going to let it frighten you. You are going to show it that you are able to manage it . If you are brave and do this ( it isn’t easy, but don’t give up) eventually the panic attack will gradually subside and you will be free of the panic and anxiety. You may need to repeat this several times, but each time you will feel less and less panic. This technique is called response prevention and if you do your homework you can free yourself of your anxiety and fear.

You can use this technique of response prevention to rid yourself of many fears including a fear of flying, or fear of public speaking. Try it. It will work.

I would love to hear about your experience with response prevention and learn about your successes. Feel free to email me at


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  1. From my experience, understanding that you can’t “control” a panic attack, but that you can “accept” it has been the greatest tool for overcoming and coping with anxiety. Not trying to prevent or stop the symptoms, but acknowledging that they are happening, knowing that they will not “hurt” you, and moving on.

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